6/ TWENTY THIRD is a new online magazine and creative studio. Founded in 2016, 6/ TWENTY THIRD intends to bring a more personal, informed and insightful perspective on fashion, photography, visual art, music, film and theatre.

Based in Paris, France and travelling around the world, 6/ TWENTY THIRD curates the latest and greatest products and happenings taking advantage of its founders’ cultural background. It also serves as a creative studio for them to birth new conceptual projects.



Growing up in Brazil, Mateus arrived in France at the age of 10 years old. He became a passionate of photography — a way of expressing himself in a country where he couldn’t speak the language — and has over the years, gained experience in the art industry through exhibitions and multiple professional experiences. He also has a passion for fashion, contemporary art, music and live shows.
Twitter: @iAmMateusM | Instagram: @mateusamc | Snapchat: mateusamc

Having studied Biology, JD fell into the artistic world purely through happenstance and has been working as the Lead Graphic Designer and Communications Director for a nonprofit organization since 2012. He loves good typography, good coffee, musical theatre and can spend hours looking at contemporary art.
Twitter: @jonathandeclais | Instagram: @jonathandeclais | Snapchat: jonathandeclais